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Pocket Puggles

The Pocket Puggle - The Ultimate Designer Dog
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Jimani Pocket Puggle Gracie

Are you familiar with Puggles?

"The Puggle is a relatively new hybrid dog breed produced by mating a select female beagle to a select male pug, resulting in a very sweet-tempered, affectionate (but not yippy, hyper, or insecure) puppy that is very low-maintenance, family-friendly (great with children and other dogs), loose-skinned, wrinkly-faced and endearing in both personality and looks. Well into their adult lives, puggles exemplify the best of what dogs are all about -- loyalty, companionship, and affection, resulting in a breed that is very eager to please its owner. It has been proven over time that puggle owners feel their puggles change their own family chemistry for the better, giving everyone a "lift" by their happy, can-do natures. Puggles are durable, hardy dogs that can easily take a bit of rough-housing (boys love them for this). Girls appreciate their affectionate, lap-loving qualities. Typical of most hybrid breeds, Puggles display no congenital defects or particular health concerns."

That is what CBS had to say about Puggles when they did a special on Designer Dogs. We agree! Puggles have all the loyalty and devotion of the pug and the carefree, happy attitude of the beagle. It is a great cross and, boy, are they cute, smart and little especially when one of their parents is a Pocket Beagle. Since 1980 we have been involved in the development of the Pocket Beagle.

Our Pocket Beagles are identical to regular size beagles - only they are smaller. They are usually less than 11 inches tall and weigh less than 12 lbs. Building on these years of experience, we are now trying to develop and promote the Pocket Puggle. Our Pocket Puggles have 1 parent that is a Pocket Beagle and 1 parent that is a very small Pug. All of our dogs must meet strict requirements before they will be considered as parents to the future generation of either beagles or puggles. They must be absolutely healthy, have no known genetic abnormalites, be smart and extremely people friendly.



What is the best trait of Puggles?

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